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🌟 Introducing the 97153 Direct Therapy Session Note Bundle from Sage Learning Systems: Elevate Client Progress with Targeted Interventions and Comprehensive Documentation! 


In the realm of client-centered healthcare, precise interventions and thorough documentation are the pillars of success. Are you ready to transform your direct therapy sessions by offering a comprehensive note bundle that not only tracks progress but also fosters collaboration and personalized care? Look no further – the 97153 Direct Therapy Session Note Bundle is your ultimate solution for delivering exceptional care and achieving remarkable outcomes


The Adaptive Behavior Treatment by Protocol (97153; 1:1 ABA Therapy) Session Note Bundle is essential for clinicians just starting out, as well as for more seasoned clinicians who are looking to make sure their ABA session notes demonstrate medical necessity and to ensure compliance with payor requirements and contracts. This bundle also provides supervisors with the information and support they need to make sure their technicians are demonstrating medical necessity within their session notes. This bundle includes:


 97153 Session Note Template ($20 value)

  • This is an editable Word document for a 1:1 therapy session note. It is a three-page document with checkboxes for drop-down menus and can be used as a guide for formatting your template if you use an online system.

  • It includes both essential clinical and non-clinical information section 

  • This template should be reviewed with the payor requirements for each of your funding sources. 


97153 Session Note Template with Instructions/Guidance ($20 value)

  • This is an editable Word document that can be used as a job aid for staff who need extra support with writing medically necessary session notes. 

  • Staff can add additional information to the sections that they find helpful when documenting medical necessity for each of the required sections


97153 Self-Monitoring Checklist  ($15 value)

  • This is an editable Word document that staff can use to ensure that they have completed all of the required components of the 97153 session note. 

  • Staff are able to cross-reference this with their session note to ensure payor requirements have been met. 


97153 Barriers to Assessment Document ($10 value)

  • This is an editable document that provides common barriers that can interfere with the treatment progress of clients. 

  • Staff are able to add additional information to the document and customize this to meet their clients’ needs. 


97153 Quality Assurance (QA) Measure ($25 value)

  • This is a 5-page editable document that can be used to evaluate the 97153 session note 

  • Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) have been customized for each of the evaluation sections (e.g., general information, DSM-5 core areas, evidence-based practice, barriers to treatment progress, narrative section, client progress/response to treatment, and spelling/grammar)

  • This document can easily be adapted to a Google Form or Microsoft Form


97153 Session Note Audit Tracker ($35 value)

  • This Excel file is designed as a quality assurance measure for displaying and tracking staff performance when writing 97153 session notes. 

  • It utilizes the BARS scoring system within the 97153 quality assurance (QA) measure

  • It has conditional formatting features to highlight if staff are not meeting the expected criteria with session note standards.

  • It also identifies which section of the note requirements that staff might need extra training and/or support

  • The data entered automatically shows on the graph and provides a cumulative view of staff performance over time


97153 Session Note Narrative Examples ($25 value)

  • This editable Word document contains several examples consisting of written narratives to accompany the direct 1:1 ABA therapy session note

  • The 4-part framework for documenting medical necessity is included in the examples 

  • It is a helpful training resource for staff who are learning how to document medical necessity within their notes and need extra support with the written summary section. 

  • It is a critical resource for training technicians to improve their writing skills for the narrative section of the session note


97153 Writing Support Resources ($10 value)

  • These writing supports provide staff with helpful information that can be used to further develop their writing skills. 

  • Included are resources for common grammar and spelling issues.

  • The support documents can be edited and customized for each staff member to help support their individual learning needs.


+ Free Bonus Material ($40 value)

DSM-5 for ASD clinical information cheat sheet (SCDs and RRBs)

97153 Important information document 

97153 Session note template designed as a 1-page Word document with fillable sections

97153 Session note template with example text 

97153 Keywords document


Why Choose Our 97153 Direct Therapy Session Note Bundle?

✅ Precise Documentation: Our bundle ensures that every nuance of your direct therapy sessions is captured, facilitating accurate tracking of progress and adjustments.

✅ Client-Centered Care: Transparent notes empower clients to understand and engage in their care journey, leading to better compliance and collaborative growth.

✅ Tailored Interventions: Well-documented sessions offer insights into what strategies are effective, allowing you to tailor interventions for optimal results.

✅ Collaborative Approach: Sharing detailed session notes with clients and families fosters a sense of partnership, enhancing their engagement and motivation.

✅ Customizable and Adaptable: We understand that each client's needs are unique. Our bundle can be tailored to capture the specific details and goals of each session.

✅ Time and Resource Savings: Our bundle streamlines documentation tasks, enabling you to dedicate more time to delivering personalized and effective therapy.


At Sage Learning Systems, we recognize that direct therapy sessions are where progress unfolds. Our 97153 Direct Therapy Session Note Bundle empowers you to document sessions meticulously, design targeted interventions, and promote transparent communication with clients and their families.


Add the 97153 Direct Therapy Session Note Bundle to your cart, and let Sage Learning Systems guide you on the path to continuous improvement. For more information, please contact us today!

97153 Direct Therapy Session Note Bundle

  • Please keep in mind that because our products are distributed digitally, it is our policy that all sales are non-refundable.

  • Be sure to download all attached files as the links will expire after 30 days. All products and details will be in the zip file sent via email after purchase. 

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