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🌟 Introducing Play Schemas to Promote Engagement for Children from Sage Learning Systems: Ignite Learning Through Tailored Play Experiences! 🌟


In the world of childhood development, engagement and exploration are the cornerstones of effective learning. Are you ready to revolutionize the way children learn by offering a comprehensive guide to play schemas that foster engagement, curiosity, and cognitive growth? Look no further – the Play Schemas to Promote Engagement for Children is your ultimate toolkit for understanding, embracing, and nurturing children's unique play styles.


At Sage Learning Systems, we recognize that children's play is a powerful avenue for learning. Our Play Schemas guide empowers educators, parents, and caregivers to unlock the potential of play by harnessing children's innate schemas, offering tailored play experiences that encourage exploration and skill development. This bundle includes:


Inventory of Child Interests ($10 value)

  • The inventory is designed to help professionals and parents identify preferred items and interests to help increase the child’s motivation during play and everyday activities. 

  • It includes activities and items across 14 different categories (e.g., movement toys, visual items, social games, etc.)

  • Utilizes a rating scale to rank the highest to lowest preferences.


Play Patterns Inventory ($10 value)

  • The inventory is designed to help professionals and parents identify play schemas (i.e., patterns of play) to help increase a child’s motivation during play and everyday activities. 

  • It includes activities and items for the seven different play schemas.

  • Utilizes a rating scale to rank the highest to lowest preferences. 


Play Schema Observation Assessment Sheet ($15 value)

  • The Play Schema Observation Assessment is used to identify a child’s patterns of play across toys and various activities. 

  • Record the number of times (tally) the child displays each play schema and assign it to the corresponding activity to summarize the results. 

  • A completed example is also provided for reference. 


Treatment Goal Bank that Supports Social Engagement ($25 value)

  • There are nine pages with over 80 treatment goals that can be used to support a child’s social engagement. 

  • Writing goals that support social engagement can be challenging, but this treatment goal bank makes it easy and offers a great starting point.

  • All treatment goals are written using SAGE Learning System’s 5-part framework for writing goals and objectives (e.g., context, antecedent, behavior, mastery criterion, and generalization).

  • Treatment goals include: initiating joint attention, responding to joint attention, following a point, following eye gaze, gestures, social reciprocity, turn taking, imitation, orients to sound, approaching familiar people, gaze switch from object to person, showing items, remaining engaged in social activities, and so much more!


Activity List and Resource Ideas for Supporting Engagement ($70 value)

  • Provides an overview of the seven main play schemas, and what the child learns through this form of play, and provides a list of items and activities to support engagement.

  • There are over 50 pages of activity and play ideas to keep the child interested (i.e., attention) and learning fun (i.e., motivation). 

  • Also includes visuals of the seven main play schemas for quick reference. 

  • Play schemas included: enveloping, enclosing, rotating, positional, transporting, trajectory, and connecting. 


+ Bonus Materials ($25 value) 

  • Material list for all seven play schemas ($15 value)

  • Play schema planning worksheet (blank template) for all seven schemas ($5 value)

  • Play schema planning worksheet (completed example) for all seven schemas ($5 value)


Why Choose Play Schemas to Promote Engagement?

✅ Tailored Learning: Our guide delves into different play schemas, helping you understand and support each child's preferred play style for optimal engagement.

✅ Cognitive Growth: By aligning play experiences with children's schemas, you're fostering cognitive development, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

✅ Holistic Approach: Our guide provides insights into the diverse ways children learn and engage, promoting a holistic learning experience.

✅ Support for Educators: Educators can leverage the guide to design effective lesson plans that cater to various play schemas, enhancing the quality of teaching.

✅ Empowered Parents: Parents can foster productive play experiences at home, promoting cognitive development and a deeper connection with their children.

✅ Evidence-Based Strategies: Our guide is grounded in educational research, offering evidence-based strategies to enhance engagement and learning outcomes.

✅ Data-Based Decisions:  An observation data-sheet is included to help identify play schemas across routines

✅ Treatment Goals: Use our treatment goal bank loaded with objectives to target pivotal foundational skills to support social engagement.

✅ Identify Interests: The Inventory of Child Interests (ICC) and Play Patterns Inventory (PPI) are included in this bundle to help professionals and parents identify motivating interests to increase social engagement and help the child connect with others.


Play Schemas Resource Bundle

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  • Please keep in mind that because our products are distributed digitally, it is our policy that all sales are non-refundable.

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